my studio


I create my photographs, music, and videos in my versatile studio.


For music production, I use the software Cubase, with which I began working as early as the late 90s. I create samples and experimental sounds in it. All the instruments I use are official. Every sound I incorporate into my tracks goes through various filters to ensure its originality. During the pandemic, I created almost 60 different motifs for my songs, which I gradually finalized and released as maxi-singles on the online platform SoundCloud. After purchasing professional monitors from the brand KRK, I re-arranged and remixed the songs from the ART RETRO 2020 exhibition period in post-production.

graphics and design

All graphic elements for my singles and social media content are created using Adobe Photoshop. At the same time, I aim to capture the aesthetics and identity of my music in each image to ensure that the visual element is in line with my artistic expression.


My photographs are taken in my studio, which is equipped with a backdrop measuring 2.7 meters wide and custom lighting. I edit photos and collages in Adobe Photoshop. I focus on capturing the atmosphere and mood reflected in my music and transferring them into visual form. Each shot is carefully thought out and composed to highlight the strengths and emotional depth of the composition.

Photo video backdrop

3x5m with my design

green screen

example of use in a music video

VOCOMAN - Blázni