PLASTIC CARDS TAILOR MADE LOYALTY CARDS AND SEASON TICKETS + photo realistic offset printing from 1000pcs of one kind + color deviation +/- 8% according to ISO + with or without chip + with magnetic stripe + cards, white, silver, gold or transparent + individual personification + suggestion and design
SURFACE TREATMENT MATT LAMINATION + IT LOOKS LUXURIOUS AND TRENDY + the card is more resistant to abrasions + 3D effect combined with glossy partial varnish - less vibrant colors - cannot be additionally personalized on desktop ID printers GLOSSY LAMINATION + vibrant colors + the possibility of additional personification on desktop ID printers - more visible abrasions and scratches SPECIAL CARDS CHIP CARDS CARDS WITH MAGNETIC STRIPE ADDITIONAL SERVICES DIRECTLY DURING PRODUCTION PERSONIFICATION OF CARDS BARCODE PRINTING + protective varnish for longer life NEW + black color PERSONAL DATA PRINTING AND CARD NUMBERING + printing data from the supplied database + double-sided printing option + black color hot stamp + gold or silver color + possibility of embossing texts and graphic elements CARD EMBOSSING + from the supplied database + gold or silver color + two character sizes - without diacritics EXTRA SELECTIVE PRINTING PARTIAL VARNISH + glossy varnish creates a plastic 3D effect + possibility to print graphic item or logo SILVER/GOLD PEARL LAYER + it creates a plastic pearl effect of the graphic item or logo
ADDITIONAL SERVICES PERSONIFICATION OF CARDS BARCODE PRINTING, PERSONAL DATA PRINTING AND CARD NUMBERING + printing data from the supplied database by thermo printing on the cards produced by us + double-sided printing option + black color DIMENSIONS STANDARD CARD + card dimensions according to ISO 7810 + 85,6mm x 54mm x 0,76mm +/- 3% + production from 1000pcs of one kind FAMILY CARD + three break-off mini cards in one card with keyholes (serves as keychain) + total card dimensions to ISO standard 7810 + 85,6mm x 54mm x 0.76mm +/- 3% + from 3000pcs of one kind GRAPHIC DOCUMENTS + pdf format + 85,6mm x 54mm + 3mm bleed from each side + CMYK color layout + texts in curves + recommended graphics resolution of 600 DPI + minimum resolution 300 DPI FREE CARD SAMPLES WE WILL SEND TO YOU BY POST FREE OF CHARGE @ I AM INTERESTED REQUEST FOR PRICE OFFER FOR PHOTOREALISTIC PRINT QUALITY CARD PRODUCTION @ I AM INTERESTED + get to know the quality of card printing on real samples +421 948 500 003
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