creative photography + video production + design + soundtrack
COMPLETE CREATIVE SERVICE IN ONE PLACE + theme and scenario + ad text and slogans + camera, cut, direction, effects + the possibility of shooting in our studios + the ability to shoot behind the GREEN SCREEN background + creating musical backgrounds and sounds for use in tv shows and company presentations OUR SERVICES + rad TV and YouTube spots + company image presence + product video clips + company presentation report + music video clips WHAT QUALITY WILL WE GIVE YOU? resolution 4K OR FULL HD RESOLUTION + true 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) + true resolution FULL HD (1920 x 1080) + said formats without additional interpolation + see the image size comparison of the image WE USE THE MOST FOR CREATIVE WORK + record with higher data stream and higher bit depth + true 4k resolution or FULL HD without additional interpolation + manual focusing to achieve targeted depth of image sharpness + real slowed shots of up to 80% at FULL HD resolution and 60% at 4K resolution WE USE THE MOST FOR REPORTING WORK + record with standard data stream and bit depth + true FULL HD resolution without additional interpolation + additional slow-down shots of up to 50%
About me
Photos, marketing, and advertising have subsided at the end of the 90's. In 1998, I became independent and started to work as a photographer, director, graphic designer and cameraman under the title of Roman Šustek - R PRODUCTION. During this time, I created several music videos, photos for well-known and lesser known Slovak and Czech personalities. Thanks to my work I could travel almost the whole of Europe. Currently I work in Bratislava and its surroundings. Roman Šustek creative director member of LITA
SLOW MOTION REAL SLOWED SHOTS OF UP TO 80% At present, we are able to offer SLOW MOTION shots up to 80% of the original video speed at FULL HD resolution and up to 60% of the original video speed at 4K resolution. Real slowed shots are created directly during video recording and during shooting. Digital slowed 50% shots are created in post production.
+ real slowed FHD shots of 80% + custom music for music + real slowed 4K shots by 60% + custom music for music + digitally slowed 4K shots by 50% + custom music for music
EFFECTS AND GREEN SCREEN SHOOTING BEFORE TRICKY BACKGROUND AND COMPLETE COMPOSITION With a powerful working station and studio with a trick-green background of 2.8m, we can create spectacular and realistic compositions even in the 4K resolution.
PHOTO VIDEO ATELIER AND EQUIPMENT USAGE The studio is adapted and fully equipped for video production and photography. Usage is versatile and variable as required. WORK STATION We use a powerful workstation with legal software for post-production purposes. STABILIZING OF THE IMAGE Depending on the purpose and composition of the image, we use various types of accessories and tripods. For car driving we use external and stabilizing suction cups for the camera. For hand shots we use an electronic stabilizer or monopod. For the purpose of slow motion, we use a camera ride. LIGHTING We use, depending on the purpose of video production and photography, daytime running lights with a total light output of up to 72,000lm and RGB reflectors. For photography purposes, 800W flash output is available. LENSES For shooting and photography purposes, we use waterproof lenses from the PRO range of F2.8 brightness in full. BACKGROUNDS The standard width of the professional background is 2.8m. The maximum width of the tailored background is 5m. Where appropriate, the possibility of creative combination with textile backgrounds.
GIFT FOR CLIENTS USB FLASH PLASTIC CARD Memento to each wallet Every customer who uses our services in the field of photography or video production will receive the final data on the USB FLASH plastic card from us as a gift.
CONTACTS ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE Roman Sustek - R PRODUCTION, P.O.Box 46, Post 217 820 17 Bratislava, Slovakia BILLING INFORMATION R PRODUCTION, s.r.o. Zavodska cesta 14 010 01 Zilina, Slovakia VAT: SK 2022751665 INFORMATION, RESERVATION manager @ +421 915 726 393 PERSONAL CONTACT roman @ (C) (P) Roman Sustek, R PRODUCTION, s.r.o. member of LITA +421 948 500 003